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Fast Fuel Services offer a full comprehensive range of fuel equipment available from leading equipment distributors in the UK at very competitive prices. When you purchase equipment from us we will advise on the best equipment needed for your installation, ensuring we keep your fleet on the move.

We offer many products depending on your needs from fuel management systems to more basic pumps and flow meters, depending on your requirements, all backed up with a personal service and standard manufacturers warranty.

We offer many types of fuel dispensers from all the main pump manufacturers such as Hytek, Pumptronics, Merridale and Tokheim. If you are looking for accurate record keeping and control of your fuel we highly recommend a pump with high accuracy to ensure you keep tight control.

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Tank Gauges & Alarms

Ensure you never run out of fuel by keeping a close on the fuel levels in your storage tanks. We offer a comprehensive range of gauges from full digital, high accuracy gauges to the more  simplistic hydro static gauges that are cost effective for a smaller installation.

Tank alarms are recommended for use on your tank which will alert you to an overfill situation when your tank is being filled or when your tank is getting low on fuel ensuring you never run out.

Fuel Hoses & Nozzles

Depending on your fuel installation and equipment we can offer a variety of hose and nozzles to suit your needs. We supply quality hoses that are steel braided to ensure they last a long time whilst in use but are still durable so the user isn’t fighting with it whilst trying to fuel up. There are many nozzles on the market from simple aluminium manual nozzles to the more professional fully automatic style as found on petrol station forecourts.

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Fuel Pump & Ancillary Equipment

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