Fuel Management Sytems

Fuel Management Systems

Fuel management systems are used to monitor and control fuel consumption. Fast Fuel Services can offer a wide range range of systems including stand alone, PC linked or web based units to suit your requirements.

Fuel management systems can record the amount of fuel used and stored in a single location or across multiple sites. Most fuel management systems use a key fob allowing the user to draw fuel from the pump when refuelling allowing you to track refuelling of  your commercial fleet.

Is Fuel Management Right For Your Business?

Below are some questions to ask yourself…

  • Do you suspect your loosing fuel?
  • Is fuel assigned to the wrong vehicle?
  • Are non company vehicles refuelled out of hours?
  • Is fuel getting siphoned from your vehicles?
  • Are any vehicles under performing?
  • Do drivers achieve optimal MPG’s?

How Much Time Do You Spend Managing Your Fuel?

  • Do you know how much you spend on fuel?
  • Manually inputting and collating information
  • Assessing Site Stocks
  • Producing Reports
  • Cross Billing between Cost Centres
  • Consolidating on and off road fuelling
  • Producing Management Reports

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